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Finger joint replacement: A patients journey

Finger joint replacements can be a great way of alleviating the pain of arthritis whilst allowing you to retain or even improve the function of your hand. Below is a patients experience of the procedure and the recovery afterwards. If you would like to discuss anything you read here further or think that you may be a candidate for the procedure please contact me to arrange a consultation.

Over the last 5 years I have been increasingly troubled by arthritis in the wedding ring finger causing considerable joint swelling and pain. My two main hobbies are playing the violin, and golf, both of which were becoming impossible. Following consultation with my GP, I was referred to Edward Powell Smith at The Duchy, Harrogate. The consultation was extremely positive in respect of joint replacement and I was booked in for an operation in June 2016.

The op was carried out under local anaesthetic, whereby my arm was numbed. During the operation, which lasted less than an hour, I felt  no discomfort whatsoever.

Within a week, the stitching was beginning to settle and I was referred to Emma Leather at Physio Action in Harrogate. This was initially a painful experience but movement and exercise are imperative for recovery.

Within a month, finger movement had improved considerably and the swelling was reducing. The key is constant joint exercise.

Within 3 months I was back  to playing the violin and swinging a golf club (with care). Within 6 months I was carrying out almost entirely normal activities.


A remarkable recovery, when I had originally given up hope of ever playing the violin playing and golf again.

John Bywater